How To Get Followers On Instagram

The secret to getting enormous followers on Instagram, Twitter and other social networking platforms lies in the answer to this simple quest...

The secret to getting enormous followers on Instagram, Twitter and other social networking platforms lies in the answer to this simple question; what motivates people to follow others on Instagram?.

If you don,t know the answer to that simple question, you will find it difficult to get lots of lnstagram followers and even if you succeed in buying instagram followers(which is now possible) or succeed in incentivizing people to follow you on Instagram, you will still lose those artificial Instagram followers overtime (when they realise you have nothing to offer or realise that all your Instagram posts are completely irrelevant to them or sometimes annoying).

People don,t follow on Instagram for nothing. There,s something that motivates people to follow others on Instagram. So to get huge amount of followers on Instagram you need to give people a reason to follow you.

It should be noted that the instagram users with huge amount of followers are mostlty the successful music artist, Fashion models, reality stars, bloggers, YouTubers and people of all walks of life who have achieve success and fame in their various domain. The Byproduct of that fame and success is a huge instagram following.

In other words, those people with huge instagram followers didn,t plan to get huge instagram followers. Their success and fame attracted those followers. When you become successful in whatever domain,people will follow you on instagram whether you like it or not. Thats why i said a huge instagram following is a byproduct of your success and fame.

Success and fame is the knob used to increase or boost instagram followers. So if you are not satisfied with your number of Instagram followers, do something to boost your success and fame and you will indirectly increase your number of Instagram followers.

So seek ye first success and fame and a huge instagram followers will be your prize.

All those millions of followers that are following the popular instagram users, didn,t notice or find them using the Instagram search bar. The popular instagram users got noticed from their websites, YouTube Channels, Blogs, TV programs and other platforms were they have achieved success. Most of their followers are their fans.

Most Bloggers and YouTubers often link their YouTube Channels and Blogs to their Instagram account making it possible for their fans to follow them on Instagram and their fans follow them out of their own free will in order to keep abreast with their latest activities  ( latest updates).

So to get huge amount of Instagram followers like the celebrities you will also need a platform (site) to show case your talent and convert people in to your fans (potential instagram followers).

Popular instagram users and their platforms for converting fans in to Instagram Followers.

Kim Kardashian -- Keeping up with the Kardashians

Katy Perry-- Music

You (40 instagram followers)-- No platform

Due to the facts mentioned above, the main focus of this article will be about how to give people a reason to follow you on Instagram or how to create a platform to show case your own talent and get fans (attract potential instagram followers).

This is the hardway but the only way to get quality and loyal instagram followers (followers that will always like,share and leave a positive comment (constructive criticism) to your Instagram posts) and not just dormant followers ( Instagram stalkers).

So are you ready to become an instagram superstar like Jordyn Woods? ofcourse yes! . Ok let's get down to business.

How to create a platform to showcase your talent and get fans (potential Instagram followers).

Like i said before, i,m going to show you how to create a platform that you can use to showcase your talent (products of your talent)  so as to attract quality Instagram followers. Like i said before, this is the hardway but the only way to get quality and loyal instagram followers .Ok let's get down to business.

Things to do before creating a platform to showcase your talents.

  • First things first, identify your talents.

It should be noted that the successful and famous people (the people with high number of Instagram followers) are simply people who have successfully identified and exploited their talents.

Its funny that even though we manifest or use our talents everyday, so many people still can,t identify their talents.

To easily identify your talents, ask yourself this simple question; What do i love doing and can do them successfully without stress?. Anything you love doing and you can successfully do it easily (without stress) is what you have talent for. In addition to that, you don,t find it difficult learning anything you have talent for. So if you find yourself almost scratching off your wig just to learn something, then you obviously don,t have talent for that thing.

  • After you have identified your talents, the next thing that you need to do, is to determine who your target instagram followers will be. Which category of people do you want as Instagram followers?. It should be noted that no matter how successful or talented you are, you can,t get every Instagram user to follow you. So you need to focus on attracting a specific instagram users. There are numerous benefits of doing that. Some of the benefits of attracting quality or targeted instagram followers include;

  1. More likes, comments and shares to your Instagram posts which will further expose your instagram account to other target followers leading to more quality instagram followers.

  2. With a huge amount of targetted followers you will be able to monetize your Instagram account. There so many instagram users who make lots of money from instagram through affiliate marketting i.e. they recommend quality products on Amazon and earn thousands of dollors in commissions through affiliate marketing  . In addition to that, if you succeed in creating an Instagram account with a specific followers, companies and business men may contact you to place their ads on your Instagram account.

  3. You can also market your own products through your instagram account.

So its good to determine your target instagram followers and create a specific instagram account that will appeal to those target followers. For example if you are a fashion blogger, your target instagram followers should be people who love fashion designs and wish to keep abreast with fashion trends and not just random instagram followers.

Choose a platform to showcase your talent (product of your talent).

Nowadays there are so many good platforms to showcase your talent and get fans (potential Instagram followers). Some of the platforms include;

  • Talent exhibition platforms like America Got Talent, Voice, Big Brother Africa and many popular A&R shows will help you to quickly expose your talents to a large number of potential fans (followers) . So whenever there,s audition for any show that you think you can use to exhibit your talent and boost your fame and success (the pre-requisite for getting Instagram followers), don,t hesitate to go for audition pls.

  • TV Channels.

Nowadays there are lots of TV channels that can host your home made shows or video podcast for free (if they find it relevant to their audience).

  • Radio Stations.

You can also create an audio podcast and send it to your Local radio stations. If they find it relevant to their audience they might play it.

  • Free Vlogging platforms like YouTube and Amazon Video.

YouTube is now the number one platform for the exhibition of talent. So many ordinary people like you have achieved success and fame (and gained millions of quality Instagram followers) by simply recording and publishing short how-to videos of themselves doing something they have talent for or love doing. For example Carli Bybel, Jaclyn Hill, Nicole Gueriero and many YouTube Beauty (make up) Gurus gained millions of instagram followers by simply sharing how to videos about make up tips on YouTube. So what are you waiting for?. All your classmates, family members, neighbours and friends already know that you are a great dancer, you sing so well, you have a good sense of fashion, you offer the best relationship advice, recipe etc. Why not start a YouTube channel and expose this talent to millions of people world wide and win lots of instagram followers. All you need is a Camera to become a YouTuber. Take action now!.Sorry for acting like your mum.

  • Free Blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger.

If standing infront of a camera, increases your your blood pressure (makes you to blush) just like me , then  you need to start a blog instead of a YouTube Channel. You can create a free blog at Blogger or WordPress and start writing about a topic you are passionate about. Through blogging you will also be able to attract millions of Instagram followers. Don,t know how to start a blog? read this post ---->> how to start a blog and see how a person like me with with very little computer experience, managed to create a blog.

  • Free music exhibition websites like Sound Cloud, Sound Click, Reverbnation etc. If you are a singer, you can record a cover song or your own music and upload it on the free music promotion platforms and get lots of potential fans (instagram followers).

Nowadays, with the availability of numerous free powerful talent exhibition platforms like YouTube, Blogger and WordPress, everybody now has equal chance(s) to be famous or get millions of instagram followers. Your number of instagram followers will only be limitted to the extent at which you can exploit and market your own talents.

The only thing that makes you different from the person with the most followers on instagram is the fact that you decided to hide your talent.

Everybody is talented,

Everybody has the ability to be famous

Everybody has the ability to attract millions of instagram followers.

Additional Tips to get more quality followers on Instagram

1.After you have just created your Instagram account,you will need to inform your family members and friends on Facebook, your Twitter followers and friends on other social networking platform to follow you on Instagram. You need to reach a certain threshold of Instagram followers to gain a lil credibility so that other relevant instagram users can be confident enough to follow you. Many Instagram users don't like following people with less than 50 instagram followers. So to build momentum (start attracting lots of instagram followers), you will need to have atleast 100 instagram followers. Like the bible says, he who has more, more shall be added thee.

2 Follow relevant instagram users in your niche, like, comment and share their Instagram posts. They will likely reciprocate.

4. Instagram has made it possible for the instagram users write a brief introduction of themselves and also include a link to their website or YouTube channel. Add a link to your blog or YouTube Channel and also write a good description of yourself (what you do). A link to your website and a brief introduction of yourself or what you do, will help to boost your credibility.

5. Include a link to your Instagram account on your blog, YouTube channel and other platforms so as to enable your fans (potential instagram followers) to follow you on instagram.

6.Content is King!. Post interesting things (things relevant to your target instagram followers) and post often. The greater the number of times your instagram posts are shared by your followers, the greater your exposure to other potential instagram followers.

Bonus Tip.


There are two types of instagram users which include; the fans and the superstars (celebrities). Fans are the people who created their instagram account specifically to keep abreast with the latest activities of their favourite celebrity (superstar) with no intension of publishing any content on instagram or attracting a huge number of instagram followers while the superstars (would be celebrities) are people who created their instagram account to enable their fans to keep abreast with their latest activities and so they post often to satisfy the curiosity of their fans.

To attract lots of instagram followers, you will need to clearly differentiate yourself.  Are you a fan  or  a celebrity instagram user?.  The quality of your instagram posts will answer that question.

It should be noted that whenever you follow an instagram user, before that instagram user can reciprocate (follow you back), he or she will first of all check your instagram account. If you don,t have quality and relevant posts, a link to your website or YouTube channel and a brief description of yourself, the instagram user will assume that you are just a fan and therefore doesn,t worth following. So its very important that you differentiate yourself if you really want to get lots of followers on instagram.






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How To Get Followers On Instagram
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