The True Identity of Bandy Kiki (the Blogger at Kinnaka's Blog)

As a result of the controversial posts ( about the Cameroon anglophone problem ) which has been published on Kinnaka's Blog ( the notori...

As a result of the controversial posts (about the Cameroon anglophone problem) which has been published on Kinnaka's Blog (the notorious Cameroon gossip news blog), so many angry Cameroonians (especially the Anglophone Cameroonians) have been sending me all kinds of threat messages...warning me to stop publishing hearsay or fake news about the Anglophone problem and to stop calling the consortium leaders terrorists. Some even promised to send thunder if i don't stop LOL!. I keep telling them that this blog isn,t owned by Bandy Kiki or affiliated to Bandi Kiki,s blog but they don,t listen.

kinnablog comment

After discussing this issue with a friend of mine, she said the only way i can vindicate myself and stop the warning messages from coming, is to write a Bandy KiKi Wiki so as to differentiate myself from the notorious Bandy Kiki. So i decided to write this article in order to draw a thick line between Bandy Kiki's Blog ( and this blog (

The True Identity of Bandy Kiki; the Blogger at

First things first what is the real name of Bandy Kiki (Miss Kiki); the Blogger at Kinnaka's Blog.

The real name of Bandy Kiki (Miss Kiki) is Kinnaka Nkengasung Tung. Bandy Kiki is just a nick name; which simply means most talked about Kiki.

Kiki is the short form of her first name ; Kinnaka and "Bandy" is an english term that means most talked about. So a bandy (bandied) somebody is a person that is most talked about hence the inspiration behind the nick name Bandy Kiki. You hate Kinnaka and talk alot about her blog, don,t you?. In case you don't know, Kinnaka,s blog is ironically the most popular and also the most hated Cameroon blog.

According to Alexa's ranking, Kinnaka,s Blog is amongst the first 400,000 most visited websites in the world and She also occupy the 1,204 pos├Čtion in the Alexa's list of most popular Cameroon websites.

It will surprise you to know that Kinnaka's blog is not more than 2yrs old.  Kinnaka started blogging in 2016 using a free blog ( that she created at the Blogger platform. Few months later she switched to the self-hosted wordpress blogging platform and registered the custom domain name;which she's currently using.

Kinnaka runs her blog by herself with little assistant from Yossa Create; a mini graphic and web design startup in Cameroon; which takes care of minor customization and other photoshop jobs for Kinnaka's blog.

Kinnaka's Blog Award

Few months back Kinnaka disclosed (in one of her YouTube Videos) that she has been norminated for an award. Few months later, she won the Award. So Kinnaka is now an Award winning blogger.

How did Kinnaka's Blog became popular overnight (IN LESS THAN 2YRS).

So many people (especially the veteran Cameroon bloggers) have been wondering how Kinnaka managed to achieve success in blogging overnight. If you are a blogger, then you already know that it's very hard to achieve that level of success in blogging within that time frame (especially nowadays with millions of gossip blogs (bloggers) in the blogosphere).

In an interview with Beta Girls (, When asked about how she succeeded to create an influential blog like Kinnaka's blog within a very short space of time, this is what she said....
Hardwork, consistency and a very thick skin got me to where I am today. I know alot of people who started and stopped because they didn't have time to put in enough work or because someone insulted them. I also used and am still using every little opportunity and outlet to introduce the blog to a new audience.

However that's just one of the secrets of her overnight success. I will reveal the truth later.

Apart from Kinnaka's blog, Kinnaka also owns and runs a popular TV website called Kinnaka TV ( Kinnaka TV is just a few months old, yet very popular in Cameroon. In an interview with, when asked about what inspired the creation of Kinnaka TV. This is what she said...
Alot of things inspired the creation of Kinnaka TV, but the ultimate inspiration was the fact that Cameroon doesn,t really have a well run and branded video content entertainment online. The creation of Kinnaka TV was my way of filling the market gap.

Where does Kinnaka Lives?

Kinnaka Nkengasung Tung AKA Bandy Kiki lives in UK. She runs her blog (kinnakas and TV website ( from UK.

Kinnaka's Ethnicity.

Kinnaka Nkengasung Tung as the name suggest, is a Cameroonian from the North West region of Cameroon (a graphy girl).

Early Life and Education (Kinnaka's Biography).

Kinnaka was born in Bamenda in 1986 (she's currently 31yrs old as of the date of this publication). In an interview with, Kinnaka revealed that as a kid, she was stubborn, inquisitive, smart, rebellious and loved inciting fights in school. She attended Government nursury school Jakiri.

After her Kindergarten (nursury education), she got enrolled in a Catholic Primary school in Bamenda; where she got her FSLC. After a Catholic primary education, she then proceeded to SAC Nso (Saint Augustine's College Nso); where she studied for 7 good years and obtained her GCE O levels and A'Levels.

After she obtained her GCE A'Levels (passed in 2 papers Bio, Geo),  Kinnaka applied to study Geology at the university of Buea, Cameroon (UB) but her application was rejected due to inadequate points. Due to the fact that Kinnaka was really bent on studying Geology, she decided to apply for the same program at the University of Yaounde 1. Fortunately her application was accepted. However after she couldn't pass a single course at the university of Yaounde 1 due to language barrier ( she couldn,t speak french), she decided to move to UK (after studying for just 1 year at University of Yaounde 1). Kinnaka is currently studying Microbiology in UK; a subject she thinks she's good at. It was in UK that she got inspired to start Kinnaka's Blog. In an interview with, she said her love for juicy stories and news inspired the creation of Kinnaka's Blog.

Controversial Posts

One of the reasons for Kinnaka's overnight success, is the numerous Controversial Posts which she has published on her blog. Especially articles about the Anglophone problem in Cameroon. The post that really boost the success of her blog is the fake publication about Bareta Mark (a popular Cameroon blogger) and Tapang Ivo. She titled the post; HOW BARETA MARK AND TAPANG IVO TURNED THE ANGLOPHONE PROBLEM IN TO A MONEY MAKING VENTURE; obviously trying to soil the name of Bareta Mark and Tapang Ivo; two righteous people busy fighting to make sure that the request of the Anglophone people are granted. In the article, she presented purported screenshots of two dopeup guys chatting using a pidgin language i couldn,t read. She said those two guys were Bareta Mark and Tapang Ivo discussing about how they are successfully monetizing the Anglophone problem.

This caused many gullible Cameroonians (suckers) to share the post on Facebook, twitter, WhatApp, Google+ and other social media platforms.

When Bareta Mark was informed about the post,  he thought it wise to wade it off as a big distraction to the struggle, however as a transparent and bonafied Anglophone Cameroonian, he decided to reply to the defamatory post. This is what he wrote...

"My Family and friends have brought into my notice an information posted by Bandi Kiki’s Kinnaka blog on Facebook titled ” How Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo Tanku turned the ‘STRUGGLE’ into a money making venture” with purported screenshots from Tapang Ivo. While, I thought it wise to wade it off as a big distraction to this struggle, I think the people of Southern Cameroons deserved that I, Mark Bareta immediately clear the air so that this negative energy should not consumed us as we move into our biggest 20th May Boycott. It should be noted that two other Cameroon newspaper reported on the same story. Let me state the facts and I think Southern Cameroonians can verify. I am only doing this so that Southern Cameroonians should not be distracted.
1. Mark Bareta did not join this struggle in October 2016. The struggle has been part and parcel of my genetic make up since I got into my teens.
2. All issues concerning Gofundme have been public. I have run one Gofundme account whose report was made public months back and closed. Gofundme ran by Tapang Ivo has been public and never in the dark and he too has repeatedly updated his audience as far I know.
3. I am proud of the work I did as a former interim Consortium leader and even more happier and proud of the role I am doing now as regards to this struggle. My actions as a former Consortium leader can be verified, tested and scored. All innuendos mentioned on Kinnaka’s blog are a well sponsored calculated move to smear Ivo and Mark so that we become weak and leave the struggle. THEY FAILED.
4. Now, in regards to the purported screenshots from Tapang Ivo Tanku shared by Kinnaka, I am seeing those conversations for the first time. Though the purported screenshots cannot tell us with whom Ivo is having the said discussion , let us assumed that those purported screenshots were the discussion between Mark and Ivo as Kinnaka Blog suggested. This means that such a screenshot could have come only from Mark Bareta or Tapang Ivo and no one else. I am not sure we are too dumb to share such if actually something like that took place. How did Kinnaka blog get hold of those screenshots if it is not made? Our Facebook accounts have not been compromised.
5. Let us also assume Tapang had such a conversation with another person. What stops the said individual to reveal him/herself in a bid to show accountability and truth? The said individual should come forth and say, I had this conversation with Ivo and show proof of dates he/she had etc. Why pass it through Kinnaka blog which is known for writing against this struggle from day one? Your conclusions on those screenshots are good as mine.
I want to seize this opportunity to reassure Southern Cameroonians that, as we move along this struggle, attacks from La Republique and even from Southern Cameroonians within the house shall come all in a bid to derail, suck out the energy away from us. No one said it is gonna be easy.These are things I, Mark Bareta will expect.
Thank all those who reach out to me to find out. Issues like that cannot break me, only death shall take away my zeal from this struggle. As far as I am alive, I shall defend homeland to restoration.

The struggle continues.
Mark Bareta.
From Bui County.
Southern Cameroons.

...and the anglophone Cameroonians believed him and cursed Kinnaka more. These are some of the harsh feedbacks that she received.....


For those of you who are still wondering who created the fake photoshopped screenshots used by Kinnaka to blackmail Bareta Mark, those photoshopped screenshots were created by an Unscrupulous graphic and web design startup in Cameroon called Yossa Create. Yossa Create takes care of minor customization and other photoshop jobs for Kinnaka's blog. I,m very sure this was the same graphic design startup that created the photoshop image about a Python in Etta Palace hotel; which almost led to the destruction of Etta Palace.

Kinnaka uses an agressive promotion stategy which many Cameroon online marketers have described as the defamatory promotion strategy (to promote her brand); where she deliberately publish a fake news about a Cameroon celebrity with the hope of getting the celebrity to mention her blog (her name) in their tweets, facebook and instagram posts for her to popularize her brand. In 2016 she published a fake news about Stanley Enow; the most popular rapper in Cameroon. However stanley enow didn,t take the bait (the rapper didn,t reply). After a few weeks Kinnaka apologized that the news was fake. The wise Bayangi boy AKA Stanley Enow still didn't reply. Other Cameroon celebrities should emulate Stanley Enow's example. Kinnaka wants to turn you guys in to her blog marketing agents.

How Kinnaka (Bandi Kiki) makes money from her blog.

So many Cameroonians (especially the non bloggers) often ask questions like what is the motivation behind blogging? , What really gives Kinnaka the energy to keep publishing fresh and more controversial posts on her blog despite so many negative comments.The simple answer is MONEY.

Kinnaka makes not less than $4000 every month from her blog. Google adsense is her primary source of Income. For those of you who don't know what Google adsense is all about, Google adsense is a pay per click advertisement partnership program run by Google. Bloggers partner with Google (through Adsense ) so that Google can display ads on their blogs and they earn money every time the Google ads which has been displayed on their blogs are clicked. So Kinnaka's Google adsense account is credited each time one of her blog readers clicks on the Google ads found on her blog. The cost of a click on the Google ads varies from 2 cents to $60 depending on the product or service that's being advertised.

Apart from Google Adsense, Kinnaka also makes money from her blog by selling private ads spots to advertisers who wish to expose their products and services to her thousands of blog readers. She's currently promoting Ekomarket and Ekomarket pays Kinnaka a fixed amount per month for promoting their service.

Is Kinnaka's Blog a Gossip news blog or a Fake News blog?.

There's a very thin line between a Gossip news blog and a fake news blog. Only very few African gossip news blogs are reliable. Linda Ikeji's Blog, Stella Dimoko Korkus, Laila's Blog, Millard Ayo's Blog etc are some examples of established African Gossip news blogs. The identity (brands) of those bloggers are well known in their various countries and they have registered business structures (bricks and mortar buildings) where they run their blogging business. Due to that, they can be held accountable (sued) for publishing (spreading) fake news or defamatory posts on their blogs. For example if the true identity of Bandy Kiki was known, she would have been sued by Stanley Enow when she published the defamatory post about Stanley Enow.

So those established gossip bloggers mentioned above, always make sure that they get their facts right (verify any hearsay or rumour) before they put pen to paper or publish any post on their blogs.

On the otherhand, the fake news blogs are run by people whose true identity or where about is unknown talkless of having a registered brick and mortar building. Since their true identity is unknown, they are very free to publish fake news and defamatory posts about anybody. Kinnaka's blog perfectly fits in to this category. Until today, many of her blog readers thought her real name was Bandy Kiki.

Last month i saw a comment that was left on one of  Kinnaka's Blog by the blogger at CNT press (Cameroon News Today). That comment perfectly described exactly how Kinnaka and other fake news publishers runs their blogs. I had to take a screenshot of the comment.

kinnablog comment1

When i later check the post, the comment was already deleted. The truth is bitter. Thank God i took that screenshot.

What prompted that guy to leave such a long negative comment on Kinnaka's blog was because Bandy Kiki published a post titled; GCE begins today in Cameroon Amid Tensions in the North West and South West Regions and she used an image of the FONAB polytechnic Bamenda students writing their 2016 exam. She obviously stole that image from Google Images. That's exactly what all the fake news bloggers do. They can get a picture of an event that happen in Tanzania and use it to describe an event in Cameroon. In an interview with, Kinnaka revealed that she has worked with people with zero accountability and no work ethics. That's the kind of people she has been relying on for information.

Summarily, Kinnaka's blog is a fake news blog.

My advice to all those who get their news from Kinnaka’s blog is that, they should be very careful as they go about sharing or discussing about anything they have read on her blog.

When you are caught and taken to court, the name “Kinnaka’s blog” or Bandy Kiki that you will present as your source will further implicate you rather than vindicate you. Kinnakas blog is strictly a fake news blog based on hearsay evidence and not facts. She,s not afraid to publish or spread fake news because she lives in UK and uses the mask Bandy Kiki (not her real name). I repeat again!, its very risky to get news from Kinnaka's Blog. A word to a wise is sufficient. Do you still remember the warning SMS messages you received from MINPOSTEL?. That.s not a threat.

Somebody may likely want to ask this question. What motivated you to publish this post?.

There is a saying in pidgin that....

When you di bend down for look another person e nyash, you di also expose your own nyash to the person behind you and the more you bend for see that person e nyash fine na so you go expose your own nyash fine too for the person behind you to see am well. So if you no want somebody to see your nyash, no bend down look another person e Nyash. Na so nor country people?????





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Amazon Blog: The True Identity of Bandy Kiki (the Blogger at Kinnaka's Blog)
The True Identity of Bandy Kiki (the Blogger at Kinnaka's Blog)
Amazon Blog
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