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How To Make A Home Recording Studio On a Tight Budget

This article was specifically written for all those talented would be singers and music producers who have been asking questions like; How do i set up my own home recording studio?, What equipments do i need to set up a home music studio?, how much will it cost me to set up my own home recording studio? etc.

All the above questions will be answered in this article. So if you have been wondering how to setup a home recording studio, today is your lucky day because that’s exactly what i’,m about to show you.

This 21st century is an era of opportunities. Infact if you were born in this century, God loves you!.

Improvement in science and technology has made life very easy for the 21st century humans. Things that were very difficult and too expensive to accomplish in the past are being accomplished very easily and with very little amount of money today, thanks to improvement in science and technology.

Today people with very little or no computer experience are creating websites (blogs) and for free! thanks to the existence of technologies like WordPress, Blogger and other web technologies.

Today many would be  music producers, singers and music hobbyist are now able to set up complete and professional standard music recording studios in their bedrooms (with less than $500) thanks to the avialability of many efficient and effective home recording studio softwares like Pro Tools, FL studio, Reason , Cubase etc and very cheap high quality music studio equipments.

By simply installing one of the music studio softwares mentioned above on your PC (laptop) it will automatically become a complete virtual (digital) recording studio that you can use to make high quality beats, record vocals and other live instruments like guitar.

Ok the foreplay is over now. Let’s get down to business so that you can see exactly what i,m talking about.Seeing is believing right?.

How much does it cost to setup a home recording studio (Home Recording Studio cost

The simple answer is $500. In otherwords with just $500 you can buy everything you need for a home recording studio.

One of the reasons why so many talented would be music producers and singers still haven’t set up their own home recording studio even though the cost of setting up a home recording studio is now very cheap (just $500), is because they think that the cost of setting up a home recording studio must be very high. However its very normal for anybody to think that way… when you look at the pictures of the professional recording studios and see a huge record console (with thousands of knobs and buttons), 88 keys keyboard and other robust music studio equipments,. it,s very hard not to think that those professional music producers must have spent not less than $10,000 to set up their recording studio and also feel intimidated to make your own recording studio due the high cost.





Listen! nowadays all you need is just $500 to set up a mini version of a hollywood recording studio in your bedroom to make beats and record vocals. Like i told you before improvement in science and technology has really made life easy for the 21st century humans. What was very difficult and too expensive to achieve in the past is now being accomplished very easily and at very low cost.

Nowadays even kids and students depending on pocket allowance now have a small portable music studio in their bedroom. So you don’t need to get an internship in one of the professional recording studio in order to make your first beat or record your first track. You can set up a small home recording studio in your bedroom and start producing your own music and record your vocals. It will cost you just $500 to set up a small music studio in your bedroom.

What You Need For a Home Music Studio (Home Recording Studio Kit).

The music equipments i,m about to recommend to you are the 7 essentials for a home recording studio.

Just i like i usually tell many people, buying equipments to set up a home recording studio studio is very similar to buying ingredients to prepare a delicious meal. Just like the meal you intend to prepare will determine the type and number of ingredients you will need, the type of home recording studio you intend to set up will also determine the type of music studio software and also the number of home recording studio equipments you will need, to set up your home recording studio.

For example If you wish to set up a rap home studio to make beats and record vocals, the number of music equipments you will need, will be very different from those who just wish to set up a home voiceover studio or a song recording studio to record vocals and other live instruments.

Since this article is about how to set up a cheap home recording studio, i will provide you with brief information about the uses of the 7 essential home music studio equipments so that you can buy the music studio equipments that suits your need.Less is more!.

Ok get your shopping basket and let’s head to Amazon.

Home Recording Studio Equipment List

  1. Computer (Laptop).

The first thing you will need for your home recording studio is a computer. In case you don’t know, what we are about to set up, is a laptop (PC) recording studio (AKA digital recording studio).

For those of those of you who don’t know, a digital recording studio is the 21st century music production studio. The 21st century music producers make music using a music production software installed on a PC (laptop). Almost all the top 100 hits in the US  billboard and other new genres of music like Trap music, techno music, Afro music etc were produced using a music studio software installed on a PC.

MPC, recording console ,keyboard workstations and other music production equipments that were popular used to make music in the past are becoming irrelevant today due to the existence of Music Studio softwares.

Nowadays there are cheap softwares (plugins) for all those expensive hardwares you often see in the hollywood recording studios. By simply installing a mixing and mastering plugin on your music sofware, you will be able to perfectly mix and master music with your music software without any need for an expensive record console like the one you see in the picture below.

Ok let,s continue….

Like i told you before, the first thing you will need for your digital home recording studio is a PC (laptop). Nowadays almost everybody owns a laptop (PC). Infact if you are reading this article on a laptop or PC, then there’s a high probability that you already own a computer (laptop). However your laptop (this PC), may not be suitable for music production. Most consumer PC (laptops) can,t handle powerful computer programs like music studio softwares and PC games. Thats why today we have specialized PCs (laptops) like music recording PCs,Movie production PCs and gaming computers. Those specialized computers (the music production PCs) are expensive but they will save you from headache. Imagine that you have spent the whole day in your digital home recording studio working on a beat (and you are almost through) and all of a sudden your PC (laptop) freezes or went off (due too much CPU load), without you saving the music project file or exporting the beat, all your energy and time will be wasted. This is just one of the disadvantages of using an unsuitable PC (laptop) for your digital home studio

Somebody may likely want to ask, so what is the best computer for a home recording studio?

The best computers for recording music at home are computers that meet the following requirements.

Home recording computer specification

  • Processor speed: Atleast 2.5Ghz
  • RAM: Atleast 2 GB

Your recording studio computer also needs to have a good  sound card. However this requirement is optional because you are going to buy an Audio Interface that will act like an external soundcard to  your PC.

Summarily, if you have a PC that meets the two requirements mentioned above, use that PC (laptop).But if you don,t already have a PC, consider  buying one of the recording studio computers listed below.

HP Probook

Apple Macbook Pro

Those two PCs were specifically designed for music producers and for music production.If you visit 10 home recording studios you will likely find one of the two laptops mentioned above in 8 of those home recording studios.

2.  Home Recording Studio Software (DAW).

After you have bought your home recording studio PC, the next thing you will need, is a Home recording studio software.

A Home recording studio software (also known as Digital audio workstation (DAW)), is the music studio software that will be installed on your home recording studio computer in order to transform it in to a complete virtual music production studio. The music studio softwares have built in sounds,sythesizer, beats programmer,voice& acoustic instrument recorder, a sequencer, mixing and mastering plugins that will enable you to make beats, record vocals, edit, mix and master music on your recording studio computer .

Nowadays there are many music studio softwares to choose from. Some of the popular ones include Pro Tools, Fl studio, Sonar, Logic Pro,Reason, Cubase, Reaper etc. Due to the numerous options available, the newbie music producer are often confused. They don,t know which music studio software is the best. If you google the question “what is the best music studio software (DAW)?” you will likely get 20 different answers. The ProTools users will tell you that Protool is the best or the music industry standard music studio software, the Fl studio users will say that FL studio is the best music studio software and so on.

Telling you to test (try) all the available music studio softwares in order to choose the best home recording studio software, will be like asking somebody who can,t drive a car, to test drive all the cars in an automobile market in order to choose the best one LOL. Just as its impossible to test drive all the cars in an automobile company if you don’t know how to drive a car or know the qualities of a good car, it will also be impossible to test (try) all the available music studio softwares and choose the best one if you don’t know the qualities of a good DAW (music studio software). So listen! to the advice of a veteran music producer.

If you are a novice (with no knowledge about music softwares), i will advice you to start with FL studio. Fl studio is the most common music studio software. The learning curve of Fl studio is very low i.e. you can easily master the Fl studio software within a week and start making professional standard beats and record vocals. One of the greatest advantages of using FL studio is the fact that FL studio has a very large user community. So if you encounter any problem in the course of using the music studio software, you can Google and easily get a solution to your problem. In addition to that, because FL Studio is most common home recording studio software, you will be able share your music project files with other FL studio users. So start with FL studio. If after using FL studio, you are not satisfied, you can switch to other music studio softwares. It should be noted that all the music softwares are just redesign of one pioneer software design. So after learning how to use one music software it will be very easy to master the other music studio softwares. Just like after learning how to use the windows operating system, it will be  very easy to use Mac, linux and other operating system because they are just redesign of one common idea.

Somebody may likely wanna ask, so where do i buy this wonderful music studio software called FL studio?.

You can buy the FL studio software from the FL studio official website. You will also find a free trial version of the FL Studio software on the FL Studio official website. If you don,t believe all that i have said about the FL Studio music software, you can download the free trial version and see how it works before buying the full version of FL studio. One of the greatest advantage of buying the FL Studio music software is the fact that ImageLine (the FL Studio software developers) offers a lifetime up date. In other words after buying an FL Studio software you will be able to upgrade to every recent version of FL Studio for free.  It will cost you just $90 to buy the FL studio software.


Due to fact that FL Studio is the most common home recording studio software, it,s very easy to find a cracked copy of the FL Studio software in the file sharing and torrents websites…. and as a human,you will likely be tempted to download a cracked copy of FL Studio from one of those file sharing and torrent websites. Listen up! dowloading the FL Studio software for free is bad Karma.  Those music producers who are using  a cracked copy of FL Studio often wonder why no music artist is willing buy their beats. Every music artist just want a free beat. This is because they downloaded FL studio for free. That’s the bad karma i’m talking about. So if your intension of setting up a home recording studio is to make beats or music to sell on soundclick, soundcloud, reverbnation and other beat selling wevsite, make sure you buy a genuine copy of the FL Studio software.

3. Midi keyboard Controller (Home Studio Keyboard ).

A MIDI keyboard is a Piono-like device that is used to play the built-in sounds in a music studio program (DAW). To make a beat in FL Studio, you will need to create drum rhythms, compose melodies, basslines, create chord progressions etc. Your MIDI keyword will enable you to do that.

It,s also posible to make beats in FL studio without using a MIDI keyboard (by simply drawing notes with your mouse). But i won,t advice you to do that. Creating a beat with a mouse in FL studio is very boring and time consuming. In addition to that, without a MIDI keyboard, your beats will always sound amatearish and sometimes ridiculous. You can’t create complex drum rhythms and melodies without a MIDI keyboard.

A MIDI keyboard will enable you to be very creative i.e. with a MIDI keyboard you will be able to express all your musical ideas in a track and easily get the intended result without scratching off your wig (head ache). Take the advice of a music producer who started making beats using a mouse and learnt the hardway that a mouse is a big time waster.

There are various brands and types of MIDI keyboards which include; 25 keys MIDI keyboards, 49 keys midi keyboards and 88 keys midi keyboards. The more keys a MIDI keyboard has, the more efficient and effective it will be… you want to know why? read this post. So the 88 keys MIDI keyboard will be the best MIDI keyboards to buy. However if your budget doesn,t permit you to buy an 88 keys MIDI keyboard, go for the 49 keys MIDI keyboard.

Recommended MIDI keyboards

M audio axiom 49 keys MIDI keyboard (semi weighted).

M audio 88 keys MIDI keyboard (Fully weighted)

When shopping for a MIDI keyboard, you will likely notice that some MIDI keyboards have been labelled as light weighted, semi weighted and fully weighted keyboards. If you are interested in knowing what all those terms mean read this article—->light weighted VS semi weighted VS fully weighted MIDI keyboards.

4.Studio Monitor Speakers and Music studio Headphones.

Studio monitor speakers and headphones are speakers (headphones) specifically designed for use in recording studios (and for music producers).

Studio monitor speakers and headphones enable,s music producers and sound engineers to hear how their music will sound on all speakers and headphones.Thats why they are also called reference speakers i.e. music producers and sound engineers use them as reference point for sound.If your beats or song doesn,t sound good on a Studio monitor speaker then it won’t sound good in many speaker. So the professional music producers and sound engineers use studio monitor speakers and headphones to mix and master music because they know that if they can get their music to sound good on a studio monitor speaker or headphone, it will also sound good in other sound systems.  Studio monitor speakers dont boost sound unlike the normal HIFI or woofer speakers you have in your palour, living room and car. It will tell you the truth about the sound quality of your music. Studio monitor speakers and headphones are a must-have in any home recording studio.

If you wish to produce professional sounding beats or songs, then you need to buy a good pair of studio monitor speakers or headphones. Studio monitor speakers and headphones will enable you to perfectly mix and master your beats or song.People listen to music using numerous types of speakers and so you need to make sure that your music sound good on different varieties of speakers.

Recommended Studio Monitor Speaker and HeadPhone.

Rokit 8 monitor speaker

Senheiser HD 800 monitor headphone (OPEN BACK)

Even though a studio monitor speaker and studio headphone serve the same purpose, its essential that you have both music equipments in your home recording studio. Both music studio equipments will be very useful in different scenarios. However if you cant buy the two music equipments due to limitted budget, i will advice you to buy the studio monitor headphone first and the monitor speaker later (when you have money). Why headphone first? because its the best equipment to make music in the following scenarios

  • In a room that isn’t treated for sound (soundproofed) like your bedroom, a studio monitor headphone will be very suitable for mixing and mastering music because it will enable you to hear every detail of your music without any interferance from surrounding sounds (noises). But with a studio monitor speaker, you won,t be able to perfectly mix and master your music in an unsoundproofed room due to interferance from surrounding sounds (noises). Imagine that you are trying to mix and master a track in your home recording studio and the neighbor next door is playing music in a loud volume while your room mate and his friends are watching a movie, you obviously won,t be able to concentrate or clearly hear the sounds coming from your studio monitor speaker. With a good pair of headphones, you won,t need to worry about noises.
  • In an apparment where making noise is a problem,you will easily become a nuisance to your room mates and neighbors if you use a monitor speaker in your home recording studio. In this scenario, you need something that will isolate sound so that you dont also disturb your neighbors and room mates.
  • During the night your studio headphones will be very suitable for making music. Many music makers including me prefer to make music at night when there’s total serenity.

So a studio monitor headphone is more suitable for making music in a bedroom.

5. MICROPHONE (Home Recording Studio Microphone)

You will need a good home recording microphone to record vocals and acoustic instruments in your home recording studio. This music equipment is very relevant to those people who wish to set up a home voiceover studio or a song recording studio.

Recommended Mics

Shure SM57 Dynamic Mic

Shure SM58 Condenser Mic

The Two recommended mics are highly essential. Shure SM57 is very suitable for recording live instruments like guitar, drums and other acoustic instruments. The Shure SM58 condenser mic is very suitable for recording vocals. However if you can’t afford the two Mics due to limitted budget, i will advice you to buy the Shure SM57 dynamic mic… especially if you wish to compose your music using guitar and other live instruments.

6.Audio Interface (Home Recording Interface).

An audio interface is a device that will enable you to connect all your music equipments together. After you have bought all the recommended home music studio equipments, you will need to connect all those music equipments together before you can start making music in your home recording studio. All your music equipments like MIDI keyboard, Studio monitor speakers (headphones) Microphones etc will be connected to your home recording studio computer through your home recording interface. Summarily, an audio interface is just like a connector device. It has ports for the various home recording studio equipments.

One of the reasons why an audio interface is highly essential is because it has a built-in sound card that will replace the poor sound card of your PC.Like i told you before, to be able to make beats and record vocals and other acoustic instruments using the music studio software installed on your PC, you will need to have a good soundcard. The built-in sound card of most consumer PCs were designed for normal music and video playback and not for heavy tasks like music production.So to be able to make beats and record vocals on your PC, you will need a specialized sound card. The built-in sound card in your audio interface will substitute the poor soundcard in your PC so that you won’t need to buy a sound card for your PC.

Important point to note!

Without a good soundcard, you will experience alot of problems in your home recording studio.All those problems have been listed here—–>> what is an audio interface and how does it work article.

Recommended Home Recording Interface.

Focusrite Clarette 2Pre

Apogee Duet

The two recommended audio interface are compatible with FL studio.

7. Cables.

You will need cables to connect your music equipments to the ports on your audio interface.Most music equipments are often sold together with their cables. In case yours didnt come with cables, you will need to purchase cables.

Recommended Cables and their uses.

  • XLR cable – will be used to connect your Shure SM57 Mic to your audio interface.
  • Midi cable – will be used to connect your Midi keyboard to your audio interface.

After you have successfully connected all your music equipments to your audio interface, you just have to connect your audio interface to your home recording studio computer and start making music in your bed room.

Ok those are the 7 essential home music studio equipments. If you are really serious about setting up a home recording studio in your bedroom, you can buy all those music equipments today and start making dmusic in your bedroom today.

Whats the difference between a home recording studio and a professional recording studio?.


Just like e-books have replaced the paper back books blogs have replaced news papers, PC recording studios have replaced the hardware recording studio.

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