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How To Buy On Jumia

Nowadays, its very possible to buy online in Cameroon thanks to the existence of a trustworthy online store like Jumia (jumia.cm).

In case you haven,t heard, Jumia is the most popular and also the most reputable (trustworthy) African online store.

Jumia has warehouses in almost all the popular African countries that makes it possible for them to quickly deliver items right to the door step of their customers in Africa.

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So you can sit in your house in Cameroon (Yaounde, Douala, Kumba, Buea etc) and buy something from the Jumia online store using your Smartphone or PC and the next hour, a Jumia delivery agent is knocking on your door to hand over your purchased item.

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In order to make it easy for the Cameroonians to pay for their desired products, Jumia has started accepting payment through MTN Mobile Money and they even offer discount for every payment made through MTN Mobile Money.

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So even if you don,t have a credit card, you can still buy on Jumia Cameroon using your MTN Mobile Money wallet.

I just bought this very beautiful dress for my 5yrs old daughter from the Jumia Cameroon online store and i decided to write this post out of excitement, to let every Cameroonian know that its very easy to buy from Jumia and Jumia is a trustworthy online shop.

It will surprise you to know that this beautiful dress only cost me 20,000frs CFA including the cost of delivery. Very cheap right?. Thats one of the advantage of buying from the Jumia Cameroon online shop.


Ever wondered where all the Cameroon music artists get those beautiful dress that they often wear in their music videos? visit the Jumia Cameroon Online store. After visiting the Jumia Online store, you will realise that most of the Cameroon Music Artist are not rich. They just know where to get the good stuff.

So if you need the latest dress in fashion, a smartphone,laptop, flatscreen TV, cameras, etc etc. Visit the Jumia Cameroon online shop and buy those items at very cheap prices instead of moving from one shop to another searching for what to buy. Jumia has come to save you from that stress.

This is how to buy on Jumia OR how i bought this beautiful dress from Jumia Cameroon.


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