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How To Donate a Car To Charity

This article was specifically written for all those people who have been asking questions like;

How Can I Donate My Car (how to donate a vehicle )?

What are the benefits of donating a car?

How Does Car Donation Works?

Where can i donate my car?

where can i donate my car for a tax deduction?

What Happens To Donated Cars?

All the above questions will be answered in this article.

Nowadays, car donating is easy peasy!. Today, there are lots of reputable (legitimate) car donation charities and non-profit organizations that accept car donations. So if you have a car that you really wish to donate to charity or just want to get rid of, you can easily and quickly donate that car to charity (before you change your mind).

It will surprise you to know that most charities that accept car donations, welcome all kinds of cars and in any condition. Simply put, you can donate a veteran (vintage) car, used car, donate a broken (non running) car and even donate a scrap car to charity. However most legitimate car donation charities or non-profit organisations won’t accept a car without a title especially when you are donating the car for cash (for security reasons).

Benefits of Donating Car.

For those of you who don’t already know, nowadays there are many benefits of donating a car, some of those benefits include;

  • Tax Benefit Of Donating a Car.

You can donate a car for tax deduction.Most reputable car donation charities offer a tax break for donating a car. Somebody may likely wanna ask,how much tax deduction do they really offer for donating car? The amount of tax write off offerred varies from one charity to another. So if tax deduction is your main motive for donating a car, you will need to compare the amount of tax deduction (tax write off) offerred by the various charities that offer a tax deduction on car donations so as to get the highest tax deduction. You can freely use our charity finder (search bar) below to find the nearest charity that offers the best place to donate car for tax deduction .

  • You can donate a car for cash.

Most charities do offer a certain amount of cash for car donations as a token of their gratitude. The amount of cash offerred is not too great but it should be enough for you to buy a little token that you can keep as a symbol of your generosity.

  • Good name

Most charities often offer attestations to donors or even add the name of their donors to their testimonials on their websites. This can greatly boost your credibility. Everybody loves a generous person. Have you ever wondered why most politicians  have charitable foundations? for example, The Clinton’s Foundation, Trump Foundation etc. They all want a good name. They want to be seen as good people.

  • Long life spand (spiritual benefit)

Giving to charity will extend your lifespand. This secret of long life was revealed to me by an 89yrs old woman in California. The old woman told me that each year of her 89yrs on earth, she has always made sure that she gives something to charity. She further said that, the main reason why life expectancy in this century is very low and will continue to decrease overtime is because the 21st century humans are very greedy. I said yes! we are greedy but what has greediness got to do with low life expectancy. She said  a greedy person doesn,t have any justification to live long. When she said that, my heart sank because at time i wasn,t generous and she was indirectly telling me that i won’t live long.I wasn’t generous because i believed that the needy were all lazy people and so they don’t deserve help. Like the bible says “no food for a lazy man”. I was a strong believe of that proverb. However after hearing what the old woman said i decided to change my mindset. To cut a long story short, i decided donate a broken car to goodwill and since i did that, i haven’t taken any medicine. So i,m 65% convinced that what the 89yrs old woman said was right.

  •    Donating a vehicle to charity, is the cheapest and the quickiest means to get rid of a broken or junk (scrap) car.

How Car Donation Works

Like i said before, nowadays its very easy to donate a car to charity.The process is pretty simple. To donate your car to charity, you just need to search via Google for the nearest charity that accept car donations.  Use our charity finder (search bar) below to easily find the best and the nearest charities to donate a car.

find a charity
charity search

Simply type the keyword “donate a car” together with the name of your city . For example if i wish to find reputable (legitimate) car donation near me i.e. in California that accept cars, i will simply type the keywords donate a car in California. If you are in NY, then you need to type donate a car in NY and donate a car in nj if you are living in NJ.

Most car donation sites often have a vehicle donation form that people who wish to donate their cars can use to provide information that will enable the car donation charities to come and pick up the car they wish to donate. So you won’t spend a dime to deliver the car to the charity. There are also toll free numbers on their websites that you can call to make inquiries.

Due to the fact that Goodwill and NPR are two well established car donation charities, i,m going to show you how to donate your car to both charities.

One thing you need to do in order to donate a car to charity.

  • You need the title of the car. Like i told you before, most charities won’t accept a car without a title.

How to Donate A Car To Goodwill.

For those of you who don’t know, Goodwill is the best place to donate your car. So i,m going to give you a step by step procedure to donate your car to Goodwill.

How To Donate a Car To NPR

What Happens To Donated Cars?

Unless you just wish to donate your car to charity to get rid of it, you may be worried about what happens to your donated car. These are some the ways that the good charities and other good causes use the donated cars.

  • Most of the donated cars (especially the broken or non-running cars) are repaired, revamped and sold in an auction. Most of the car donation charities often organise fundraising events where all the cars are sold. The generous people who often take part in the auction (fundraising events) are very willing to pay more than the market value of the donated cars just to enable the charities to raise huge amount of cash. Summarily, the reputable car donation charities use your donated car to incentivize people to donate money to charity.
  • Some of the donated cars like the trucks, are used for the running of the day to day affairs of the charities.
  • The scrap cars (cars beyond repairs) are sold to the scrap dealers.

My top 10 Donation Quotes.

  • We make a life by what we give and make a living by what we receive.
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