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How To Donate Money To Charity

If you have been wondering how to donate money to charity, then this article was specifically written for you because that’s exactly what i,m about to show you today.After reading this article you will have no excuse for being greedy.

Money is the easiest gift to donate to charity and also the most welcome gift item in any charity around the world. Any amount of money will be highly acceptable by any reputable and non profit charity.

Nowadays the websites of most reputable charities have a donate button; that anybody can use to chip in any amount of money to the charities.So you don’t need to wait until you have $1000 or become extremely rich before you can donate money to charity. That’s the way most people are thinking.Many people think that the philantropists are very rich people. They are not rich as you have imagined. A philantropist is just a person with a kind heart.

Listen! you can donate even $3 to charity. This small amount of money may look ridiculous to you but they can add up to a reasonable amount. If 1000 people decide to donate $3 every month to a charity, that charity will raise $3000 per month. So no amount of money is too small to donate to a charity.

When i was a kid, i used to donate $10 every month to charity (from my allowance). I had a father who was a hardcore philantropist. He taught me how to donate money to charity. He told me that giving to charity is the easiest way to get blessings from God. He said how often you give to charity will determine how often God will bless you. A greedy person will always live a hand-to-mouth life.

That’s the principle i live by and one of my secrets of success. So if you have decided to start donating money to charity be rest assured that you will receive a blessing that is 10 times the amount you donated.

How to find reputable charities to donate money to.

Nowadays with the availability of so many fake charity websites, one of the greatest barriers to donating money online is how to find reputable charities to donate money to.

When i was in a kid (during the 80’s), it was very easy to locate the websites of the reputable charities around the world. Whenever i wish to donate money to charity, i just type in the Google search bar, “charities in africa to donate money to” and randomly choose any charity in Africa to donate my $10 to.  I was able to easily locate the websites of the reputable charities because there was only a handful fake charity websites then. Nowadays i can’t do that . I always make sure that i carry out a little research about a charity to make sure that they are reputable before donating my hard earned money.

One of the reasons why its very hard to find the reputable charities through the search engines is because most of the owners of the fake charity websites are SEO experts i.e. they know how to make their websites appear at the first page of the Google search results when people search for charities to donate to. Since many Google users never go pass the second page of a search result, they are likely to donate money to the fake charities.

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