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How To Get a Car Donated To You

This article was specifically written for all those people who have been asking the question “how can i get a car donated to me”.

In this article, you will learn about how to get a car donated to you.I,m going to tell everything i did in order to get a car donate to me. So you can start rejoicing if you want to because you are about to become a car owner without spending a dime.

It’s often said that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I didn,t believe that adage until somebody donated a car to me. A used car though.

A simple want ad which i published in one of the popuar US classified ad site, unexpectedly got a car donated to me.  Today i will be sharing that same tactics which i used to get a car donated to me with you (other people who are deperately in need of a car so that they can become a car owner like me).

The ease at which a car got donated to me, has made me to strongly believe that there must be thousands of rich and kind people out there who are also looking for who to donate a car to. In addition to that,  the Google keyword planner tool reveals that more than 1000 people type the keyword “who can i donate my car to” in to the Google search bar  every month. For those of you who don,t know, the Google keyword planner tool is a website that shows you the type of keywords that people often type in to the Google search bar and the number of times those keywords are searched per month.

Those rich and generous people who often type the keyword who can i donate my car” to, in to the Google search bar every month are potential car donors searching for people like you and i;( who are always asking the question “how can i get a car donated to me”.)

So the objective of this article will be about how to enable those potential car donors to easily find you. Ok the foreplay is over now, let’s get down to business.

How To Get a Car Donated To You

These are the exact tactics which i used to get a car donated to me and i believe if you do exactly what i did, you will become a car owner like me without spending a dime. Ok lets get started.


Most of the popular free classified ads website have want ads section where people can post ads for what they want. Post a free want ad in the want ad category of the popular classified ad site.

Tips to write a good want ad
  • The title of your want ad needs to be simple (keep it simple and stupid). This was the title i used for the want ad that got me a car “Help!, a single mum in California desperately needs a car”.
  • Begin your description with a good intro. For example; Looking for who to donate a car to? Pls donate a car to me then blah blah blah…..
  •  After the intro, give a compelling reason why you need a car. Except a car donor just wish to donate a car to get rid of it, he or she will be interested in what their donated cars will be used for in order to make sure that they donate their cars to the right people (the needy) and not a scrap dealer or  a con artist. In case you don’t know, nowadays there are lots of unscrupulous people (mostly scrap dealers) on the internet constantly trying to trick the potential car donors in to donating cars to them. So you will need to provide a compelling reason to clearly differentiate yourself from those people. In addition to that, a compelling description will also give you an upperhand over other people desperately in need of a car. It should be noted that nowadays the ratio of people in need of a free car is far greater than the people searching for people to donate their cars to.
  • Your want ad should indirectly suggest the condition of the car you want. It should be noted that one of the popular reasons why people decide to donate their cars is because they wish to get rid of it. So you will need to indirectly specify the condition of the car you are willing to receive (except you are willing to receive a non running or a veteran car).It’s often said that a begger has no choice. Thats why you need to indirectly specify the condition of the car you want. By directly specifying that you need a blue mecedes, not more than 8yrs old etc… you will make your want ad to appear like that of the camouflaged scrap dealers and this will turn off many potential car donors.
  • Clearly indicate in your ad that won’t accept a car without a title.
  • Clearly indicate that you won,t be willing to pay a dime to get a car donated to you.
  • Post an ad in your city (within pick up distance).
  • Lastly, make sure that you don’t forget to include your email and phone number in your ad.

Beware of scam.

It should be noted that after your want ad has been successfully published,you will likely receive emails from con artists claiming to be potential donors. The scammers will often ask you to send them money so that they can ship the car they wish to donate to you. Do not pay any money. That’s why its adviceable that you publish your want ad in your city or within a pick up distance.

Importance of posting a want ad.

One of the reasons why want ads are so effective in attracting potential car donors is because most classified ads (especially those published on the popular free classified ads website)  has a potential of ranking in the search engines thereby increasing the probability of your ad to be seen by many potential car donors. For example when potential car donors search for “who can i donate my car to” in Google, they will likely find your want ad…you already know the end of the story.


Check whether there are twitter users who have tweeted about donating cars. Simply type the keywords like “who can i donate my car to” need to donate a car to charity” how do i donate my car and othe relevant terms. If anybody has tweeted any statement that directly and indirectly suggest that they are looking for a person or a charity to donate their cars to, quickly reply to that tweet. Obviously there will be many people who have already replied to the tweet (who doesn,t want a free car). So to make your tweet to stand out, you will need to include a link to your want ad in your tweet. In addition to that, you will need to include a link to your want ad because twitter only makes it possible for you to write just 150 characters.That character limit is too small for you to convince a potential car donor how you desperately need a car.

3. Create a Facebook Page and run facebook ads.

The easiest and the fastest way to find potential car donors, is by running a facebook ad. Facebook ads are very targetted ads. When you create a Facebook ad, your ad will be shown only to those Facebook users who have liked and commented the facebook pages of charities and other non-profit organisation… and also those who have publish posts releted to the subject of your ad on FB. All those people are potential donors. With just $5 Facebook will show your ad to potential donors.


In my opinion, blogging is the cheapest and the most effective way to get a car donated to you. Every month i get not less than 10 emails from potential car donors who wish to know how to donate a car to charity. So If i need a car it will be very easy to get one. To attract lots of potential car donors through blogging, you just need to blog about a topic that will attract potential car donors to your blog. It will take a long time for potential car donors to start visiting your blog. However the reward is worth the patience.


Most charities receive hundreds of cars every year from generous people. Those numerous donated cars are used to raise money for the charities. In otherwords the charities often organise auction where the donated cars are auction at prizes far below their market value. So by participating in their fund raising events you will be able to get a car at  a price that’s almost free.


The Go Fund Me website usually attract thousands of generous people world wide (majority of which are from US). Due to the above fact, it will be very easy to find a potential car donor from the Go Fund Me website.

Why its very hard to get a donated car nowadays

incentivize tax deduction

donate cars for cash.

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