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How to start a blog for free

Two weeks ago,  a friend of mine told me that he wanted to start a blog and make money online like me but doesn,t have money. Maybe his ulterior motive of telling me that was to see if i could lend him some money to start his own blog. Almost all my friends know that i,m Mr Generous.

However I told him that its now very possible to start a blog for free and it’s very easy to create a blog now and that he won,t need to hire a professional web designer to design a blog for him.

My friend couldn’t believe what i told him. Yes!  he already knew that blogs can be created with just a few clicks of a mouse nowadays… infact he knew that if i could create a blog by myself, then he could also do that too and more better. He was the one who taught me how to use Microsoft word and also created my Google Account, Facebook and instagram account.

But he wasn’t convinced (was totally ignorant) that it was possible to create a blog for free.


He had read many articles about “how to start a blog” and it’s clearly stated in those articles that to start a blog he needs a domain name (web address) and a hosting space… and those two items will cost him money.  Domain name (web address) registration cost $12 per year and to rent a hosting space to set up his blog it will cost him atleast $72 (for a 12 months hosting i.e. $6 per month ). In a nutshell, he was trying to see if i could borrow him $84.

After a long arguement with my friend, i decided to show him how to start a blog for free. Seeing is believing!. I believed showing him how to start a blog for free was the only way to end an arguement that was almost turning to a quarrel and we all know there’s a thin line between quarel and physical combat.

After i successfully showed him how to start a blog for free and also showed him how to write and publish his first article (post) on his blog, he asked  for forgiveness but blaimed me for not letting him know about this earlier. I case you are wondering how his blog looks like, visit thuglifeblog.blogspot.com.

After showing my friend how to start a blog for free, i decided to write an article about how to start a blog for free to enable other people who are still thinking like my friend to know that its now very possible to create a very beautiful and fully functional blog (like that of my friend) for free.

So if you have sufficient knowledge about a particular topic and love to write, you can start blogging today (i mean now!).

In other words, the only requirement for starting a blog today is just willingness to learn. If you are willing to learn how to start a blog for free, you will become a blogger after 6 minutes i.e. after reading this article. In case you don,t know it only takes 6 minutes to create a blog even with zero computer experience. Like i told you before with just a few clicks of a mouse your blog will be ready and you can start blogging.

How is it possible to start a blog for free.

Just like its clearly written in almost every article about how to start a blog, to create a blog, you will need a domain name (a web address) and a hosting space. 

A web address (www.yourblogname.com) will enable people to visit your blog. It’s what people (your blog readers) will type in to their web browser in order to visit your blog.

A hosting space is the space on a webserver where all your blog files like pictures, videos and text files ( articles) will be kept or hosted for the internet users to be able access your blog on the world wide web. Its just like the hard disk or the home of your blog.

Its on your hosting space that you are going to set up your blog and your web address will enable internet users to visit your blog.

So you need a web address and a hosting space in order to create a blog. Without a web address internet users won,t be able to visit your blog and without a hosting space, you won’t be able to set up your blog. So to create a fully functional and accessible blog, you will need a web address and a hosting space. Both things cost money.

Like i said before, it will cost you $12 yearly to register your own web address (www.yourblogname.com) and $6 per month to rent a hosting space for your blog.

So how is it possible to start a blog for free (without registering a domain name and renting a hosting space) and with zero computer experience?.

Nowadays, there are many blogging platforms that will enable you to start a blog for free. Those blogging platforms will give you a free web address and hosting space for you to set up your blog.In addition to that, the free blogging platforms also offer free web design templates and a user friendly blogging environment that makes it possible for people with no money and with little or no knowledge about web designing (how the internet works) to be able to create a blog, write and publish articles on their blogs.

Nowadays there are lots of free blogging platforms but the 3 most popular and also the best free blogging platforms are….

Of the 3 popular free blogging platforms mentioned above, blogger is the most popular free blogging platform and the blogging platform that you are going to use to start a blog for free.

Blogger will give you a free web address and a hosting space for you to set up your blog. Have you ever visited blogs with the  .blogspot.com extension in their web address? those blogs were created on the Blogger platform for free and .blogspot.com is the free web address provided by Blogger.

Blogger also provide free web design templates. The free web design templates offered by Blogger will make it possible for you to set up your blog with just a few clicks of a mouse. For those of you who don,t know what a web design template is, web design templates are ready made website designs that have already been created by the professional web designers. You can use the numerous free web design templates on your blog to give your blog whatever appearance or design you like (without any knowledge in web designing or graphic design). Once you have set up your blog, you just need to choose a web design template you like and install it on your blog and boom! your blog will have that same appearance. If you want your blog to have the same appearance like mine.just just need to install the awesome INC template on your blog. You can install any web design template on your blog with just a few clicks of your mouse… easy peasy!.

Ok now that you are fully convinced that its possible to start a blog for free and with zero computer experience, let’s get down to business.

How to start a blog for free.

To create a free blog at the Blogger  , you will need to have a Google account. If you don’t already have a Google account, read this post—->how to create a Google Account and quickly create your own Google Account.

It won,t cost you anything to create a Google account. A Google Account is the only requirement for creating a free blog at Blogger (blogger.com).

Ok after you have successfully created your Google Account, follow the simple step by step procedures below to create your blog. Like i told you before, it will take us less than 6 minutes to set up a blog at the Blogger platform. I,m going to provide screenshots so that you can see everything that am doing. Ok let’s begin.

Step 1. After creating a Google account, sign in to your Google account.

Step 2. After you have successfully sign in to your Google account, type blogger.com in to your browser or simply click here to go to the blogger website.

Step 3. At blogger, click on….

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