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How To Start a Mobile Money Business In Cameroon

After the call box business, here comes the  Mobile Money Business; another golden opportunity for every hardworking Cameroonian to make hundreds of thousands or even millions of FRS CFA with MTN and Orange Cameroon.

Over the past 2 years you must have noticed an increase in the number of MTN and Orange Mobile Money points (Kiosks) in the streets of Cameroon.Thats a very clear proof that Mobile Money business is a very profitable business in Cameroon and working with MTN and Orange Cameroon as their Mobile Money agent will fetch you lots of money i.e. not less than 20,000frs CFA per day; an amount that’s 3 quarter the monthly salary of a secondary school teacher in Cameroon. i know many mobile money agents who are making that amount. So i’m not saying this, in order to entice you to start a mobile money business. I,m not a marketting agent for MTN or Orange Cameroon or affiliated to the two mobile network companies. I love sharing info like this, in order to help my fellow Cameroonians to cross the poverty line.

In this article, i,m going to give you a step by step procedure that you need to follow in order to successfully start and run a mobile money business in Cameroon.

I want you to be amongst the first wise people to exploit this virgin gold mine and make millions before other Cameroonians (the doubting thomases) discover it and start crowding the market just like they have crowded the call box market. Ok let’s get down to business.

Before we start discussing about the main topic, let,s first of all start with the basics. In order to run an Mobile Money Business successfully, you will need to master the Mobile Money Business Lingos (concepts).

First things first! what’s MTN Mobile Money?

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