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3 Essential Music Studio Furnitures

home recording studio

home recording studio

Even though a good set of music studio furnitures contributes alot to the efficiency and effectiveness of a music producer, so many music producers or would be music producers don’t see the need of buying ergonomic studio furnitures for their recording studios. Due to the fact that tables and chairs are the most common furnitures (household items), many music producers don,t see the need of buying ergonomic furnitures for their recording studio.According to them, buying new furnitures will be a waste of money.

For example two weeks ago a friend of mine (a would be music producer), sent me an SMS asking me to send him a list of all the things needed to setup a home recording studio. So i sent him a list of all the things needed to set up a home music studio. The list included essential music studio furnitures. To cut a long story short, my friend bought all the recommended music studio equipments in the list but did’nt buy any of the recommended music studio furnitures even though they were listed at the top of the list insinuating that they are highly essential. His reason being that, he already has chairs and tables that he can use in his home recording studio. He thought buying furnitures for his home recording studio will be a waste of money.

What many people don’t know is that, most furnitures (especially our household tables and chairs) have been specifically designed for home use only (for domestic purpose). So your reading table and chair in your living room, dinning room, palour and bedroom may not be suitable for use in office environment (music studio). Tables (desks) and chairs suitable for use in a music studio are those that have been ergonomically designed for use in an office environment. For those of you who don’t know, ergonomically designed tables and chairs are those that have been designed to minimise fatique and eliminate backpain, neck pain and other health hazard associated with prolong work in an office environment. It should be noted that as a music producer, you will be sitting in front of a computer (your recording studio computer) for hours and hours and maybe even days. Without a comfortable recording studio desk and chair, you may easily become tired or even sustain injuries like backpain, neckpain and other sufferings if you use a wrong chair or desk in your music studio. Wrong music studio furniture puts you in a bad posture and sitting in a bad posture for a long time infront of a computer is very dangerous.

music studio furniture BAD posture

Consider this as a very important message from one music producer to another. Believe me, I have learned the hard way. For years I sat working on my music studio computer for hours and days in the wrong position (bad posture), in the wrong chair, without any breaks. On some days, I would switch my computer on at 8am and work on it until 1am the next morning. My punishment for this: I have been diagnosed with cervical spondolysis (a non-curable condition) in my neck, with disc space between C5, C6 and C7 most affected. Want proof? Here it is. As I always like to prove what I say, here is a picture of my neck’s x-ray and MRI scan.

You can see on the first picture that the space between disc C5 and C6 is thinner than all the other spaces. The second picture shows a bulging disc pushing pressure on the spinal cord and its nerves fibers. Permanent nerve damage can be caused when a bulging disc in the neck is compressing a nerve for a long period of time.

Now I cannot work on the computer as much as I would like to because when I do, my neck starts to hurt, my arm goes “dead” and I lose part of my grip and feelings in my arm. Due to that, I now have two choices: work a long time and give myself pain or work less and have no pain. As health is more important than money I obviously choose to work fewer hours. I can still work about eight hours per day on the computer but certainly not longer in order not to make my condition worse. I am not telling you this out of self-pity as I am very happy with what I have achieved. I am telling you this so you don’t make the same mistake.

Please please pay attention to the following. What I am about to say truly is very important for your health. I feel that it is my duty to tell everybody in an office environment about the dangers of working constantly on a computer. I would not want you to make the same mistakes as me. If somebody had told me five years ago what I am going to tell you, I would not have a problem with my neck now. As a music producer, you will be sitting in front of the computer for hours and hours and maybe even days. Most people think that a music studio is a place with very low risk of injury. I thought the same until I had excruciating shoulder pain when I woke up one day. The truth is a lot of musculoskeletal disorders are caused in office environments. These disorders develop because of repetitive strain to the body’s muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and nerves. Back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands are most commonly affected resulting from computer injuries (work-related musculoskeletal disorders).

Somebody may likely want to ask, so what chairs and tables are suitable for use in music studios?.

Like i said before tables and chairs suitable for use in recording studios are those which have been ergonomically designed for use in office environment. Ergonomic desk and chairs minimise fatique and eliminates health hazards like backpain, neck pain and other undue sufferings.

The picture below shows you how a good Music Studio Furniture should look like.

music studio furniture good posture

From the picture above, you can see that the lady working in the computer doesn,t bend (strain) her neck (which may result to neck pain and other sufferings). The height of the desk is ok. Again you can see the lumbar support at her lower back, to prevent back pain. Those are ergonomically designed desks and chairs. Thats what you need in your music studio.

Recommended Music Studio Furnitures.



Important notice.
In order to completely eliminate any possibility of sustaining permanent injuries like cervical spondolysis (a non-curable condition), you will need to make sure you take regular breaks when working in your recording studio. Staring at a computer screen with your head and neck always in the same position is very straining for your neck.


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