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3 reasons why every airtime credit you transfer to your phone keep disappearing.

Have you ever transfered airtime credit to your phone and received a 7154 confirmation message that the credit was sent but when you check your airtime balance (through *155#), you see an amount which is less than the amount you transfered to your phone or nothing (00frs)???. If you have ever encountered such a problem, today you are going to find out why and how to solve that problem.Ok Lets get down to bizness.

  1. If you transfered airtime credit to your phone and after checking your airtime balance, you see an amount which is less than the amount you transfered to your phone or even 00frs, the first thing you need to check is whether your internet data connection was switched on (enabled) before you transfered that airtime credit to your phone. There are certain Android Apps that auto updates from time to time like the News Apps, the weather forcast apps etc. Those apps are constantly trying to access the internet behind the scene, so as to update themselves. Immediately you transfer airtime credit to your phone, such apps automatically starts updating and depleting your airtime credit immediately. Thats why when you check your credit just a few seconds after transfering airtime credit, you realised that part have already been used up even without you making a call or sending an SMS…..and if you are not wise enough to switch off (disable) your internet data connection, those apps will keep updating and depleting your available airtime credit till everything is finish (00frs) without you making even a single call or sending a text.


Always switched off your mobile internet data connection before transfering airtime credit to your phone and always make sure that you subscribe to an internet bundle before switching on your internet data connection whenever you want to access the internet. You need to do so to prevent data billing per airtime; which is very expensive.

2. Did you borrow airtime credit from MTN? pls search your memory. The most popular reason why so many people transfer credit to their phone but don,t see the exact amount they transfered to their phone  is because they borrowed airtime credit from MTN and MTN had to collect its debt. MTN is very strict when it becomes to collecting its debts. Sometimes MTN will even collect its debt even before an airtime credit enters your account. If you can,t recall when you borrowed credit from MTN, there,s still a possibility that a friend, sister or any person you gave your phone to, must have borrowed credit from MTN using your phone without your consent. So also ask your siblings and friends the above question.


Put a password lock on your phone. This will prevent people from manipulating your phone without your consent…. and possibly borrow airtime credit from MTN with your phone. Incase you  don,t know how its possible for somebody to borrow airtime credit from MTN, read my MTN prolongation article.

3. Did you subscribe to the MTN easy booster service?. It should be noted that after subscribing to the MTN easy booster service, any credit you transfer to your phone will be stored in your easybooster credit account and not in the main *155# credit account. Some MTN clients transfer airtime credit to their phone but after checking their airtime balance through *155# they don,t see any credit yet they are able to make a call and access the internet. This is because the credit went in to their easybooster account instead of their main *155# account. The MTN clients who don,t know this, often complain that their airtime credit have disappeared. If you transfered airtime credit to your phone and don,t see it in your main account, dial *159*82# to check your easybooster account.


To prevent airtime credit from going in to your easybooster account instead of your main *155# airtime account, always make sure that you cancel your MTN easy booster subscription after you have used up all your easybooster bonus credit, SMS and free internet data. Dial *167*0# to cancel your easybooster subscription.

After applying the 3 solutions above, if you are still facing the same problem, also check your current tariff plan. Maybe there,s a tariff plan that is hindering credit from entering your main airtime account. You can check your current tariff plan by dialing *123*5*1#.


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