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Gold Fish Tank water replacement schedule

How to maintain a healthy freshwater tank in which goldfish will thrive.

The hygienic condition of the water in your gold fish tank or bowl determines how long your Gold fish will live or how healthy your gold fish will be through out its life spand.

Gold fish can go for weeks without food but i doubt whether they can thrive for more than a week in a poluted water.

It should be noted that gold fishes also release waste matter that contains a toxic substance called Ammonia which is dangerous to their health. An accumulation of Ammonia in the water can cause serious health problems to your gold fish and eventually death. Ammonia is said to be the #1 killer of all aquarium fish across the globe. Signs of ammonia poisoning include torn, ragged fins, bloody streaks in tail as well as blood hemorrhaging on the body, listless behavior as well as bottom sitting, “flashing” (wild darting and rubbing on gravel and other objects), gasping at the surface, and clamped fins.  When signs like these are spotted it is imperative to test the water right away. Ammonia is dangerous to fish if it is detectable at all by using a tester kit, something every aquarist must have on hand.

Can you survive for 2 days in a room poluted by your own faeces and urine? hell no!. You will obviously fall sick and die in the room as more faeces and Urine accumulates in the Room. Thats exactly what happens with a Gold fish. Apart from their own waste product, the water is also poluted by decaying uneaten Gold fish food i.e. too much food can get embedded beneath the gravel and decay, emitting harmful toxins into the water that may put the health of your Gold fish at risk.

Fish waste and uneaten food (dead or decaying plant pieces) pose the greatest risk to the health of your marine friend.

If there,s one thing that somebody should come around to do for your Gold fish while you are away, it should be replacement of the water in your Gold fish tank or bowl. As long as the water quality is maintained a Goldfish can go a long time without goldfish food. So proper sanitation is more essential than food.

More than a week is enough for the level of Amonia or decayed food in your gold fish bowl or tank to start affecting your Gold fish and so somebody needs to change the water in the tank or bowl before it becomes ill.

The number of times that the water in your Gold fish tank or Bowl needs to be replaced depends on the following factors

The size of your Gold fish bowl or tank.
A small gold fish tank or bowl containing a little volume of water easily becomes concentrated with toxins from their Waste products and decayed uneaten food than a bigger size tank or bowl. Thats why its not adviceable to keep a gold fish in a gold fish bowl. Please stop that!. There are cheap gold fish tanks on Amazon.

Goldfish need a large tank (at least 10 gallons per fish).In their natural environment, the ratio of fish to water space is much lower than in a small aquarium.  Even a very large tank is comparatively small to a giant lake, so waste products and plants do not in general affect the overall conditions of big bodies of water.  In a small tank or bowl, these products quickly accumulate and destroy our beloved pets. If your Gold fish tank or too small, then you will need to replace the water everyday in order for your Gold fish to stay  healthy.

– The number of gold fish you have in your Gold fish bowl or tank.
The greater the number of gold fish in your tank or bowl, the greater the number of waste that will be produced and the faster the water in your gold fish tank or bowl becomes poluted. If you have 2 fishes, i will recommend you buy a tank big enough to accomodate 4 gold fish or ask a friend or your neighbour to change the water after every 2 days.

. The age of your Gold fish.
A small or young gold fish produces a smaller waste and so take a long time to fully polute the water in a bowl or tank than a big or mature Gold fish.

To eliminate the awful presence of ammonia from your tank, it is imperative to do regular water changes. Listen! an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so it is better to keep the tank clean regularly than to panic when the fish come down suffering.

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