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How to buy amazon Gift card.

Things you need to know before buying an Amazon Gift card.

Gift cards are totally specific i.e. they can only be used on the online store that issued them. For example you can, t use an Amazon gift card to shop on EBay and vice versa. So if you want to buy an Amazon Gift card for your gf, wife, husband, sister, brother, friend etc the first thing you need to do is to ask the recipient his or her favourite online store. If the recipient says, Amazon,then you need to buy a giftcard from Amazon. Nowadays almost almost every online store offer gift cards that their customers can use to buy items from their online store only. Itune, Ebay, Nordstrom, Walmart and many popular online store have their own giftcards that can be used to shop only on their respective online store. So you have to buy the right gift card for the right shop for the recipient in order for your gift to be received with great joy.

  • It should be noted that the Amazon Gift cards can only be used to buy items on amazon.com. There,s no other use for it. For example if somebody (maybe your mum) sent you a $100 Amazon gift card and you don’t like any of the Amazon products, there’s no way you can cash out (withdraw) the $100 cash in the Amazon gift card or even transfer your Amazon gift card balance to another Amazon account. The cash in your Amazon gift card can only be spent on Amazon.
  • The maximum amount an Amazon gift card can hold is $2000.

Types of AMazon Giftcards
Amazon offers 3 types of gift cards which include;
– The Amazon egift card ( Also known as electronic amazon gift card or the Amazon email gift cards or amazon virtual gift card).
When you buy the Amazon egift card, only the redeem code (voucher code) of the Amazon gift card will be sent to the recipient and not the physical (tangible card). The redeem code will be sent to the email of the recipient. Once the recipient receives the claim code, he or she can redeem the giftcard on Amazon and start shoping.
Many people often buy an Amazon egift card card when the amount is usually less than $100 or a small amount. It doesn,t make sense sending a $25 printed giftcard by mail especially to a mature individual. You can send that small amount through the Amazon e-gift card. For example if your gf wants to buy a pet food from Amazon, you can quickly send her a $25 Amazon egiftcard instead of sending her a printed giftcard in a box with just a $25 cash loaded on it.
The Amazon egiftcards are currently the best selling amazon giftcards due to instant delivery.
– The mail (printed) gift cards
This is the old type of Amazon giftcards that get delivered or shipped to the mail of the recipient. Most people often buy the printed gift cards when they want to send a gift card as a birthday gift, mother day gift etc. Let,s take for example that you wish to send a mothers day gift to your mum, you can,t send an electronic gift card (egift card to her), you need to send something tangible to her. Something she will look at it and always remember that she has a caring son and also show it to her friends. The printed gift cards often carry a large amount unlike the peanuts sent through the Amazon egift cards.
Please take note that the delivery fee of the printed (mail) Amazon giftcard is free. So the Amazon egift cards have no advantage over the printed gift cards apart from their instant delivery.
– The print at home giftcards.
The print Amazon gift cards are gift cards with a custom design. You can create a custom design for your Amazon gift card and print at home. The print at home gift cards are the most beautiful Amazon giftcards. If you have watched Ellen show or the steve harvey show, you must have seen very large gift cards that are often handed over to guests, those are Print at home gift cards. They were designed on Amazon and printed by the buyer at home hence the reason they are called print at home gift cards.
Ok now that you know some of the disadvantages of the Amazon gift card and the type of Gift cards available,let get down to business.
Just follow the simple procedure below to quickly buy an Amazon Gift card from Amazon.
Step 1. To buy an Amazon gift card from Amazon, first you will need to create an Amazon account. Its free!. If you have bought an item from Amazon before, then you already have an Amazon account. Just quickly sign in and move to the next step. If you haven,t created an amazon account before, read this post —->> how to create an Amazon account and create your account within 2 minutes.
Step 2. Ok after you have created an Amazon account, click on this link—>> to go to the gift card section of the Amazon website.
Step 3. At the giftcard section, just choose the type of Amazon gift card that you wish to buy and the price. It should be noted that the price of the Amazon gift cards varies depending on their preloaded cash. For example, the Price of an Amazon gift card that has been preloaded with a $25 cash will be $25. Choose an Amazon gift card that suit your budget or enter an amount that suits your budget.
Step 4.

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