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How to know the phone number of an MTN Simcard

Nowadays, the MTN Simcards have become extremely cheap i.e. with just 100frs you can buy an MTN Simcard in the street. Due to the fact that the MTN simcards have become very affordable, so many people often buy so many MTN Simcards and end up forgetting the phone numbers of those simcards. Some people often buy so many of the MTN simcards just to use the bonus credit and free internet data of the Simcards. After  they have used up the bonus credit and internet data, they just keep those simcards and their casing carelessly somewhere in their house without taking note of their numbers. Afterall their intension was to use the free goodies.

If you forget the phone number of an MTN Simcard, just insert the unknown SIM card in your phone and dial *123*5*4# and the phone number of that SIM card will show up on your screen. Copy your msisdn and store it in your phone book as MyNumber.

You can also dial *120# and you will also see the phone number of your SIM card.

Some people also check the phone number of a SIM card by sending a Bipme Message to a number they know, like their boyfriend or girlfriend,s number, and then copying the phone number from the Bipme message in the recipient,s phone.

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