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Justin Skye ready to release another Album| Are you ready to feel the hit?

Those are FONAB Polytechnic Bamenda students writing their 2016 Professional Bachelor’s Degree Exams and not the 2017 GCE candidates. Its also possible that you stole this post. You are a #thiefblogger.

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You sit in your small unventilated room in UK, steal pictures and formulate stories that can cause confusion in Cameroon. You are one of those e-terrorists that made the government of Cameroon to shut down internet in the North West and South West Region for 3 months.

I,m currently writing an article about your contributions in the current anglophone crisis. If e-terrorists like you are not arrested and sent to jail, this crisis that has made most GCE candidates, unfit to write the GCE Exam, may still continue next academic year.

From one of the bloggers at Cameroon News Today.At CNT Press, we publish facts not hearsay or stolen articles and pictures like the ones you see here.

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