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Goldfish feeding schedule|How many times a day do you feed a gold fish

Even though there,s no standard prescription for the feeding of gold fish, it,s adviceable that you feed your gold fish atleast 4 times per day.

By simply looking at the size of your Gold fish, you can intuitively determine the size of its stomach and the quantity of food that will be enough for it per day.Split that quantity of food in to 6 equal proportion and serve each proportion to it, at a particular time interval (depending on when you are free).

Those people with a 9-5 job, can chose to serve the first two proportions at 7AM and 8:30 AM (before leaving for work) and serve the last two proportions at 5:30 PM and 7PM. Thats the time schedule i was using to feed my gold fish.

However if you are extremely busy; with little or no time to follow the time schedule above, i will advice you to buy an Automatic fish feeder.

An Automatic fish feeder is an equipment that will serve a certain quantity of food to your gold fish at a particular time interval every day. For example you can program your automatic fish feeder to serve the 4 proportions at the specific time mentioned above and your automatic feeder will reliably feed your gold fish while you are way.

FAQs about goldfish feeding schedule

What,s the essense of feeding a gold fish 4 times per day?

Its adviceable that you serve your gold fish food in proportions to make sure that the gold fish consume every bit of the daily food so as to prevent food from accumulating in the tank. It should be noted that decayed uneaten food remains in the tank release toxins that may be harmful to your Goldfish. Before you serve the second quarter the goldfish must have consume every bit of the first quarter hence the reason for the split.

Food is the only source of pleasure and joy to the Gold fish. By splitting their meal in to several proportions, you will be giving them this pleasure several times per day as oppose to just once. If you are having difficulties understanding this point, ask yourself this question; why do i sip a glass of juice or wine?.

Although gold fish have a high point of satiety, by splitting their daily quantity of food in to several proportions and feeding them at different times of the day, you will come closer to satisfying them.

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