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4 Cameroon bloggers monetizing the Anglophone problem.

From the onset of the Cameroon Anglophone problem and after the Cameroon mainstream media (the  radio and TV stations in Cameroon ) were restricted from discussing about federalism and other controversial issues related to the anglophone problem in order to preserve the peace and unity in Cameroon (the pride of Cameroon)  , the curious Anglophone Cameroonians  turned to the internet   ( especially Facebook and WhatApp) trying to get any little piece of information about the Federalism issue  in order to keep their hopes alive.

Many Anglophone Cameroonians (especially those in the diaspora), saw this large information vacuum (created by the restriction of the mainstream media in Cameroon) as an opportunity (a profitable niche) to make money online.

They immediately set up blogs specifically to deseminate information about the anglophone problem  to the curious Anglophone Cameroonians (who have now resorted to getting news online), in order to get more visitors to their blogs and make money through the Google pay per click advertisement program.

These unscrupulous Cameroon bloggers (especially those in the diapora) who now view the Anglophone problem like their ATM machine (cash dispenser) deliberately fabricate fake news and biased information about the anglophone problem in order to give the people false hope and mystify the anglophone problem making it very difficult for the Cameroon Government to solve. They are very happy doing that because their ability to stay above the poverty line is highly dependent upon the existence of the Anglophone problem. It will surprise you to know that many of these Unscrupulous bloggers make more money per month than the prime minister of  Cameroon simply by writing about the Anglophone problem in Cameroon. Do you wish to know how? read this….and you will understand why they are very committed to doing what they are doing despite the consequence (a life or a jail sentence).

After reading about all the crimes commited by the Unscrupulous bloggers, i have no doubt that you must be flexing your muscles right now and eager to know the answers to  two questions; Who are they and where are they?. Without toying with your emotions, let me quickly give you their names and their specific crimes.

1 Bandy Kiki of Kinnakas Blog.

If one blogger should be crucified for the sins of the Unscrupulous bloggers to be forgiven then it should be Bandy Kiki. This unscrupulous blogger has commited crimes against the Cameroon Government and the Anglophone people by publishing controversial posts that have misled and caused the Anglophone people in to taking foolish actions like the  burning  of our markets and other actions that has now given the Cameroon government a good reason to label the consortium members terrorists or extremists and also win the support of some gullible Anglophone Cameroonians.

Her controversial and divisive posts have also caused the anglophone people to disagree amongst themeselves making it difficult for them to stand as one. For example she recently published a fake divisive post TITLED: HOW BARETA MARK AND TAPANG IVO TURNED THE ANGLOPHONE PROBLEM IN TO A MONEY MAKING VENTURE; obviously trying to soil the name of Bareta Mark and Tapang Ivo; two people busy fighting to make sure that the request of the Anglophone people are granted.  If the Anglophone people would have believed her cock and bull story then it means the fight for federalism would have come to an end and all the sacrifices made by the Anglophone people gone in vain. However the anglophone people stood firm behind their leaders.

A friend i discussed this issue with said a devil you know is trustworthy than an angel you don,t know. Truely! nobody knows the person hiding behind the Bandi Kiki mask. So why should we believe an information from somebody we know absolutely nothing about or get news from an unidentified person (source).

Her strategy of making money online involves writing about controversial issues and using headlines that will cause many people to visit her blog for her to make money.

Majority of the Traffic to her blog comes from Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. After fabricating fake news she uses those platforms to deseminate her fake news.

My advice to all those who get their news from Kinnaka’s blog and through the medium mentioned above, is that, they should be very careful as they go about sharing or discussing about anything they have read on her blog.

When you are caught and taken to court, the name “Kinnaka’s blog” that you will present as your source will further implicate you rather than vindicate you. Kinnakas blog is strictly a gossip blog based on hearsay evidence and not facts. She,s not afraid to publish fake news because she lives in UK and uses the mask Bandy Kiki (not her real name) and i,m very sure that the picture she,s currently using on the internet, is not her real face. So be careful!. I repeat!, its very risky to get news from an unidentified individual or company. A word to a wise is sufficient. Do you still remember the warning SMS messages you received from MINPOSTEL?. That.s not a threat.

2. Kamerkongosa Blog (Kamerkogosa.com)

As the name suggest, KamerKogosa is strictly a gossip blog. The blogger also uses the same strategy used by Bandit Kiki to make money online i.e. fabrication of news based on hearsay evidence and writing about issues that the Anglophones Cameroonians will likely want to hear, just to get huge traffic and make lots of money through the Google Pay per click Advertisement program.

3. Bohteh,s Blog.

Just like two unscrupulous bloggers mentioned above, this blogger also use the same strategy to make money online.

4. Cameroon Journal.

I have been relying on this blog for news until i started seeing a lot of gossip news concerning the anglophone problem in this blog. So if you have been relying on this blog for news (just like me), you should be very careful now. It seems like Cameroon Journal recently joined the Gossip news club headed by Bandit Kiki.

Ok those are the 4 unscrupulous bloggers who have turned the Anglophone problem in to their cash dispenser. Yes! the list is not complete. The names of more bloggers will be added to the list as more unscrupulous bloggers join the club (the gossip news club).







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