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What is Android| What is an Android phone

So many MTN clients use the word Android everyday but only few of them knows what the term android really means or what it is. There,s a friend of mine who often use the term Android….to be precise, he often describe this generation as an Android generation and the children android children, he also described WhatsApp as an Android media/press. Infact he,s fund of appending the term “ANDROID” infront of most words. So i was tired of hearing him use the new vocabulary called ANDROID all the time, so i decided to asked him what the term Android means?. He said “Android is the most popular brand of smartphone”. That answer wasn,t rediculous/funny to me because i knew that was the same answer that most people would have given me. Including you and thats why you are reading this article.

So what is ANDROID???

Android is the name of an operating system that runs on most recent version of smartphones. The operating system was created by the Google company for its mobile devices but has now become the standard operating system used by almost every mobile phone brand. Nowadays its very hard to find a smartphone that doesn,t use the Android OS/platform. The Android operating system has taken over from the former popular Java operating system/platform. Back in the days, if you don,t own a Java powered smartphone, then you can,t boldly say you own a smartphone but today so many people are no longer interested in the Java powered smart phones anymore.

Today almost everybody wants an Android powered phone including the grandpas and mamas.During the 2016 Xmas period, I wanted to buy my granny a phone as an Xmas present and so i asked her which brand of smartphone she wants, she said “ANDROID and the most recent version please”.

The main reason why the Android platform/operating system has become the standard/most common operating system used by almost all the mobile brands is because…….

  1. The Android operating system is an open source operating system. An open source operating system is an operating system that is free to be improved upon and also used by anybody/company. Just like anybody/company is free to install the windows operating system on his or her laptop and also create softwares that run on the windows platform, any mobile phone company is also free to use the Google android operating system. Thats why mobile phone brands like Samsung, Itel, Siemens, Nokia, LG and many other mobile phone brands all use the Android operating system designed by Google.

Due to the fact that Android is an open source operating system, so many individuals and companies not affiliated to the Google company have created numerous free and paid apps that run on the Android platform. Hence the reason why there are so many free and paid Android apps in the Google play store.Android apps helps to extend the functionalities of an Android powered phone.

Apps don,t have to be created by the Google company unlike the case of the java platform; where apps were created only by the Java company. You too can create your own apps and share it on the Google play store. Do you want to know how to create your own Android App?.

2.The users of the Android powered Smartphones can easily extend the functionalities of their smartphones with the abundant free Android apps in the Google play store. There are android apps for almost everything. There are camera apps, mobile browser apps, facebook apps etc. Go to the google play store and search for whatever app you need. Don,t know how to install an Android app? learn how to install an app.

To conclude, Android is not the name of a mobile phone brand but its the name of a very popular mobile phone operating system.



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