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How to install WhatsApp to your Andriod smartphone

Do you wish to know how to install the WhatsApp application on your smartphone??? if yes, then this article was  specifically written for you. In this article, i,m going to show you how to install the WhatsApp application from the Google Play Store. Ok let,s get down to business.

Requirements (what you need in order to install WhatsApp)

  • Memory space:30MB

You need atleast 30MB free memory space on your Android smartphone to be able to install the WhatsApp application. If your smartphone doesn,t have enough internal memory, you can also install WhatsApp on your memory card.

  • You also need a Gmail account. if you don,t have a gmail email address, you can go to gmail.com and create one. Its free.

Let,s assume you already have a gmail email i.e. youremail@gmail.com and a 30MB free storage space on your Android smartphone.

To install WhatsApp, you just need to click on the Google Play Store icon found on the screen (desktop) of your phone and enter your gmail address and password to gain access to the Google play store. The Google Play Store contains a huge library of free Android Apps including WhatsApp.

To easily find the WhatsApp application in the Google playstore, just simply search for the WhatsApp by typing the term WhatsApp in to  the Google play store search bar. Once you see the WhatsApp app, just click on it and the app will be installed on your smartphone. As easy as ABC.

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